Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Projects list and Goals for this year

Currently I am working on the following:
For 15mm DBA:
Late Norman army
Auxila, Psiloi and Light Horse done, next are Spearmen
Palisade camp with 2 camp followers

These are being prepped:
Scots-Irish army
Welsh army
Viking army

1/2000 Napoleonic sailing ships
Finishing the last 64 gun ship of the line, hull is painted and the sails are in process

28mm for Warhammer Ancient Battles:
2000 pt. Swiss, built around a core of Ral Partha swiss pikemen I painted about 1981.
I have added more pike, artillery and crossbow from Old Glory.

I have started assembling some Woodland Scenic tree kits, with marginal results.
Recently purchased felt for use with DBA to make mats and terrain features.

Stuff for eBay:
I have decided to sell all of my Battletech stuff, including about 100 miniatures, of which about 75 are painted. And I have way too many books and supplements. I need to put together a list and start taking pictures.

And I have many, many projects "waiting in the wings".

I have 3 goals for this year:
1. Find a regular gaming group.
2. finish the DBA and Swiss armies listed above.
3. Sell the Battletech stuff (so I can by more games and minis, of course).

I will post pictures soon.

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