Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Larry Leadhead on DBA

I just saw the new Larry Leadhead cartoon, which really conveys my experience over the years with DBA. :-P

Link: http://www.larryleadhead.org/

I will post a link to the cartoon when in moves into the archive.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Historicon playtest

Saturday July 11th I was invited over to Bob B.'s to play test a game he is planning to run at Historicon this week. We were playing a modified version of Big Battle DBA. The scenario was a large Hussite army (about 80 elements) against a similar sized Polish army. I had command of 3 units of Hussite reinforcements on the right flank. One unit was several war wagons and several elements of blades. The second unit was knights, cavalry and light horse. The last unit was knights, light horse and foot that came on the board later. The bulk of the rest of the Hussite forces consisted of a Wagenburg of war wagons, artillery and 2 units of foot troops. The Polish had 5 units on the table totalling about 60 elements and 1 unit of reinforcements to come on the board later.

The pictures show the game about 2/3 of the way through. The first is the board from the Hussite side and the second is a closer look at the right flank from the Hussite side. This is where most of the action was going on.

We played for about 3 hours and reached a point that
we could see how it was going to probably end.
We all discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the senario and how it could be changed to make it play faster and more balanced.

One thing that struck me about using DBA for a battle of this size is how slow the units move and how important initial setup is. It is very difficult to redeploy a unit if it is not where it is needed. Another this is that war wagons are much stronger than I expected and are very effective for "funneling" the opponents troops.

Dave S., who I played against at Drums in May, came and played. This gave me a chance to get his email again. (I have not been able to find ANY of my notes from the Drums convention. I think I would lose my head if it was not sewn on, with really good stitching.)

My Dad and I played with Bob B. to the late 80's and early 90's, until careers got in the way. So it is good to be back in touch with him.

I hope to hear soon how the game at Historicon went.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Special Norman Spear

Here are the most recent figures to be 'finished'. These are more 15mm Essex Normans for DBA. These are different from the rest because the hearldry is from my family. From right to left: My dad's family, mine, my wife's fathers family, and my wife's mothers family.
After they have dried for a couple of days they will get clear coat, flocking and a final clearcoat.

It was good to have my folks visit. But I did not get as much gaming or painting in as I had planned.

I was able to borrow a copy of DBA rules version 2.2. I mainly wanted it for the army lists, because they have changed from my last rulebook, version 1.1. And did they change! I am having to review all of my armies and see what I have miniatures for and what I need to get. One of the annoying changes is switching Wabands to Auxilia, such as 61 to II/54 (I hope I can use the current figures). Another annoying change is switching Auxilia to Spear in 92 to III/19 (again I hope I can use the current figures). The strangest change is for 134 Anglo-Norman to IV/3. The Knights can now dismount as Blades or Spear (only Blades before) and there is a War Wagon. I did not expect a War Wagon. This means I have to get 20 more Spear figures and a War Wagon (to be able to field all of the options). I will have to sit down and plan what I want to buy and when.

I have 8 more spear in process, shields are done, just need final cleanup.
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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Games with Dad

My folks are visiting. Dad brought some of 15mm DBA figures, so we have played a couple of games. First was my Normans (102c) vs. his Sub-Roman British (82). The Normans won by killing his general (must have been Uther Pendragon). (I know, not a period match, just my favorite vs. his favorite).
Then I took Pre-Feudal Scots (111) vs. his Welsh (92). After much maneuvering, I engaged his line, only to have my last element on the left end be short "by that much". I lost my forth element by rolling a 1 (he rolled a six and doubled me). So we are 1 victory each. I hope to get more in before they leave.