Sunday, July 12, 2009

Special Norman Spear

Here are the most recent figures to be 'finished'. These are more 15mm Essex Normans for DBA. These are different from the rest because the hearldry is from my family. From right to left: My dad's family, mine, my wife's fathers family, and my wife's mothers family.
After they have dried for a couple of days they will get clear coat, flocking and a final clearcoat.

It was good to have my folks visit. But I did not get as much gaming or painting in as I had planned.

I was able to borrow a copy of DBA rules version 2.2. I mainly wanted it for the army lists, because they have changed from my last rulebook, version 1.1. And did they change! I am having to review all of my armies and see what I have miniatures for and what I need to get. One of the annoying changes is switching Wabands to Auxilia, such as 61 to II/54 (I hope I can use the current figures). Another annoying change is switching Auxilia to Spear in 92 to III/19 (again I hope I can use the current figures). The strangest change is for 134 Anglo-Norman to IV/3. The Knights can now dismount as Blades or Spear (only Blades before) and there is a War Wagon. I did not expect a War Wagon. This means I have to get 20 more Spear figures and a War Wagon (to be able to field all of the options). I will have to sit down and plan what I want to buy and when.

I have 8 more spear in process, shields are done, just need final cleanup.
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