Sunday, April 25, 2010

HMS Aeolus gets masts and sails

More progress on the HMS Aeolus. Masts are 80% painted and glued in place.
Next is finishing the mast details, fighting tops, banding and general cleanup of the sails.
Then 2 days to dry and then clear coating.
That will just leave rigging and basing...

I decided to assemble the ship before clear coat mainly because it made some of the finish work on the masts much easier.  I have decided to put a brush on sealer on the ends on the yard arms before clear coating, with the hopes that it will extend the life of the paint there, since these are the most likely place to grab the ship to move it.
May 5: I believe I have fixed the first pictures link.

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HMS Aeolus hull finished!

Here are 2 pictures of the hull of the HMS Aeolus with the painting complete.
Tomorrow night it gets clear coated.
Sails are still in process and should be done by Friday, I hope.

The last picture is of the flags that I recieved for the British squadron. In prepareation for the next ship to be done I sorted through what I have at the moment. These were in a bag with the bases, so I had not looked at them other than to glance at the ones I could see, which were the upper ones. The lower ones were face the bases, so I could no see them while they were in the bag. I pulled them all out for quick review and to match paint colors and you can see what I found. The The upper ones are what they should look like, the lower ones are black instead of blue. I will have to get these replaced.

So, some real progress.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A new posting!

So, what happened to the plans to post regularly?
Well, hmmm. 
Life. Life is what happens while you are making other plans.

I have not done much in the realm of miniatures or gaming since the last post.
A little work on the ships and some of the 15mm figures but no real progress.
I have gotten a new job and moved to where the work is.  Which is 400 miles from the house and wife.  I am sharing an apartment and only recently set up a painting desk.  There was some doubt as to how long the job would last but it looks like it will be for a while.

I will post updates as work gets done.

Its a new year, a new location and a new job, so I guess I have been busy.
I do hope to get to a couple of large conventions and some smaller ones this year. We will see.