Saturday, October 18, 2014

More Dystopian Wars ships

Here an Independence class battleship, cruiser and frigate head out to sea on their next mission.

These are part of the starter set Jeff painted for me.

FSA escort squadron

And just as a proper lady would go out on the town alone, neither will a ship such as the Republic go to sea without escort. 
Here, the capital ship escort sqadron 638 prepares to accompany the Republic on her voyage.

FSA Dreadnought "Republic" ready to head to sea!

The dreadnought FSA Republic readies to leave port! The captain only waits for the tide to come in and they will be off to defend the Republic against all who would do her harm!

I have just completed most of the details and next will be the base.  I am not happy with the stars on the paddle wheels so I will be re-doing them this week.
We have been playing alot of Dystopian Wars in the last couple of months.  And it's all Jeff's fault.  He painted a starter fleet for each of us. So we have been able to just jump in and start playing.   The update to 2.0 in the rules has dramatically improved the playability of the game,  which was good to begin with.