Monday, June 21, 2010

A question of scale

Recently I was asked how small are these ships?
Well, they are 1:1200 scale (1"=1200" or 100ft in scale).
And what does that mean?
This is where I think the first President can demonstrate much better than I can.
Here is the recently rigged HMS Shannon facing off with the original George W - Washington that is. He's giving those limey's that stern look that founded a nation, and started many a video game.
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

HMS Shannon Standing rigging is finished

The HMS Shannon now has all of her standing rigging run. Next is to touch up the paint damage from running the rigging and paint the base.
I experimented with modifying the rigging sequence and found that there is a method to the madness, a very complex method.
The reason I adjusted the sequence is that the method described in the rigging manual can cause the later rigging steps to create slack in the previously installed rigging. The slack may be preventable without changing the sequence. We will see, I have plenty of ships to rig!

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Monday, June 7, 2010

HMS Shannon takes shape

Here is the second British frigate, HMS Shannon having been assembled and based last Saturday.
And a second picture of her with HMS Aeolus.

The next step is Dullcote followed in a few days by rigging.

I continue to make progress on the HMS Belvidera, the HMS Africa and the USS President. Those three are between half way and 2/3 done with painting of the hulls.

I also have some terrain markers in process for use in DBA/Impetus. More on that later.
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May 23rd I played in a game of Impetus. The group here is just starting to play it. It was Doug, with his Welsh, and Jeff and I with his English angainst Mike's English and Jim's French. We did not reach a conclusion before the shop closed, but we did learn alot about how the rules worked.
The first 2 pictures are the battlefield from 'our' side.
Next is some of Jeff's Longbow and then some of his Knights, including the General.

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