Sunday, April 25, 2010

HMS Aeolus hull finished!

Here are 2 pictures of the hull of the HMS Aeolus with the painting complete.
Tomorrow night it gets clear coated.
Sails are still in process and should be done by Friday, I hope.

The last picture is of the flags that I recieved for the British squadron. In prepareation for the next ship to be done I sorted through what I have at the moment. These were in a bag with the bases, so I had not looked at them other than to glance at the ones I could see, which were the upper ones. The lower ones were face the bases, so I could no see them while they were in the bag. I pulled them all out for quick review and to match paint colors and you can see what I found. The The upper ones are what they should look like, the lower ones are black instead of blue. I will have to get these replaced.

So, some real progress.

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