Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back from Origins

I went to Origins last week in Columbus Ohio. I was only able to go for Friday, but still had a great time. Shopping was good, but I was suprised by the lack of historical miniture companies. Last time I was at Origins (12-15 years ago...) there seemed to be alot more historical games and vendors.
I played in the DBA 15mm open tournament using my Norman army and placed in the bottom third with 1 win and 2 losses. There are subtleties in the rules that take some time to get used to.

I fielded the following army:
III/51 Normans (~1066AD)
1x3 Knights (General)
6x3 Knights
1x2 Light Horse
2x4 Spear
2x2 Psiloi

The 2 losses were against an army with 3 elephants (Indian?) and an army with lots of bow. Both elephants and bow kill knights if the beat them at all (quick kill). The only thing I had that would work against the elephants was psiloi, which was not a winning strategy. Against the army with the bow I ended up having knights scattered all over and the spear locked in a fight to the death with the other armies spear. I lost my general and then the dice decided to go on vacation. Oh well.
After reviewing the army list I think I will swap one knight for a cavalry and one psiloi for a bow. This should give me a little more flexibility to deal with armies with bow. Elephants, well, that is a whole different problem. (I don't think William the Conquorer had to deal with elephants...)

My folks are coming to visit for a few days so I won't get much done on miniatures, but Dad and I are planning to play some DBA and maybe some Don't Give Up the Ship or Trafalgar.

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