Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Normans for DBA

15mm Normans (left to right, front to back)
3 elements of Spear
6 elements of Knights and 1 element of Knights with the General
3 elements of Cavalry, 1 element of Light Horse, 2 elements of Auxilia (spear and shield)
1 element of Crossbow
5 elements of Psiloi

In back there are 12 spear and another mounted command in process.
On the left there are sails for a 64 gun ship of the line, also in process.
This is all of the Normans that are finished, which includes army 102c with almost all variants (3 elements of Crossbow are waiting on final clear coat.)
This also includes 2 elements of Auxilia for army 134. I have Psiloi and Crossbow waiting for final clear coat (maybe today), and 3 elements of Light horse waiting to be based.
I am working towards having 2 complete Norman armies done (102c and 134) this summer.
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