Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just a little more paint...

Just to be clear, I do not like the eye dropper paint bottles.  I just was trying to get a little more of the Reaper Brilliant Blue paint out of the bottle.  I am used to trying to get paint out of the bottles when they do not want to work.  After several pokes with my trusty paperclip, and some gentle shake and squeeze, I finally gave it a good (bad?) squeeze.  And the nozzle exited the bottle with a dramatic splut!!!!  And I go from being a frustrated mini painter to looking like a Pollack painting.
I did have to take a shower, clean my painting glasses (like reading glasses, only different).  And wipe up blue paint from the wall, a bookcase end, the computer, my cellphone and all sorts of other places.
On the good side I missed all of the miniatures on the desk around the paint tray with the paint.  And most importantly, I missed the 2 ships of the line hulls that I just finished.  But I did get paint up my nose.  At least I did get enough paint out of the bottle to base coat 4 sea bases.
And I had just decided that I would go change out of my work clothes after I put the blue undercoat on the sea bases...  So, I think that I have ruined the polo shirt I was wearing.
Did I mention that I do not like the eye dropper paint bottles?
(At least all the blue washed out of my beard, ears, nose and hair.  I was worried that I was going to work tomorrow looking like a smurf...)

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