Sunday, March 3, 2013

News from this weeks DBA game (Feb 28, 2013)

Rome Daily Crier reports:
And in the East, word has arrived of the defeat of the army of Herod II from Judeah at the Bosphorus straits.  In recent months this upstart leader has interfered in Imperial operations in Canaan, Egypt and Syria.  Senator Obliviuos Realitus stated: "It was about time.  After the vile usupering of proper Roman authority from my nephew Governor Blunderous Incompetus, this rabble had it coming."  When asked if he was concerned with Herod continuing to be a problem. He said, "Problem?  He was never really a problem, with my good friend Legati Dado Fortunis and his legion intervening Herod will go back to being a good little vassal." 
There are unconfirmed reports of Herod II's army has not dispersed as expected.
And back to our regularly scheduled Cry, Toga Today, is Biege the new Black?
This week's battle was Early Imperial Roman (Me) vs. Later Judean Mike H. 
Rome was victorious 5-3.


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