Monday, February 4, 2013

Do those shoot chocolate?

The first 2 stands for my Swiss Army for Impetus are finished!  Skirmishers with harquebuses.  Only 19 more stands to go!
These are the first figures I have based specifically for Impetus.  Before this I have been combining DBA elements to form Impetus stands.  I will continue to do this until I get the rest of the army done.  Of course, at this rate I will finish this army in 2016...
Next is more pike.  Lots and lots of pike.  Did I mention that the Swiss use a lot of pike?

These were painted as part of a new system for organizing my painting projects.  I am only keeping 2 ships for Copenhagen and one other project on the desk at a time.  I have broken the other projects in small groups of figures.  For anything 15mm I am doing 8 figures at a time.  For 28mm I am doing 4 figures at a time.  I moved everything other than the 2 project groups (2 ships and 4 or 8 figures) off the desk and put away in an orderly manner so I can find them as I finish groups.
So far I have been able to finish 4 ships for Copenhagen, 16 Swiss pike for Impetus and 8 Swiss skirmishers (above).  I currently have 2 - 74 gun ships of the line in process and a 28mm Norman Warlord for SAGA.  There are also 4 Norman Knights waiting in the wings to follow the Warlord.

By keeping the ships and 1 other project group on the desk, I can make progress on the ships (all that detail and those little yellow and black squares...) when I am up to doing fine work and I can make progress on the other projects when I am not.  So far I have been able to avoid project paralysis for the last few weeks, which usually hits me when I have too much on my desk and it begins to be overwhelming.
This did require me to organize my projects very carefully and break each one down into groups.  For the 15mm figures I went ahead and put the figures in baggies in groups of 8.  This also let me see what I was still missing from the Swiss army.  I am not concerned that I will run out of figures to paint before I can purchase the last few figures to finish the army.  I have plenty of pike to paint.  Really.  Plenty of pike.  ;-)

Feb 4, 2013

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