Monday, February 18, 2013

Another building done!

Over the weekend I put this little kit together.  This is the Log Timber House in 15mm from 4Ground.  They make very nice laser cut MDF buildings in 15mm and 28mm.  So far I have only done their 15mm buildings.
The kits go together very well.  My only complaint is the soot from the laser process.  the parts are covered in it and all the parts have a strong burnt wood smell.  I wiped the parts off with a tissue the best I could, but it still is very sooty.  For this kit the soot actually adds to the appearance, once I blended in the smudges from my fingers.  Also, I followed the directions very carefully, which left me with both doors on the same end.  After looking at the cover photo and the directions, I realized the building on the cover and the one assembled in the directions are 2 different builds of the kit, with the building on the cover having the doors much farther apart.  The directions put the doors close together, which looks odd.  Oh well.  You can only see it from the side I did not photograph.  I will have to study the instructions more carefully from now on.  As for the odor, I will wrap the building in a couple of dryer sheets in a plastic bag for a while.


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