Saturday, November 21, 2009

Uexpected Trip to Fall-In Convention

Bob B. asked me to go with him to Fall-In earlier this month.  The person that was going with him had a change of plans at the last minute, so he thought of me.
Fall-In was from Friday through Sunday Nov. 6-8th.
We left Thursday morning and arrived in time to for me to play in a special theme DBA event called Wimpy Wars.  For this event your army had to have 6 elements of light troops, either Psiloi or Light Horse.  This was very different.  I had a good time and placed third out of eight.
Friday consisted of a painting workshop (learned some), shopping, shopping, dinner at Friendly's, the DBA 15mm open tournament (did poorly) and DBA Midnight Madness (knocked out in the first round).
Saturday consisted of the DBA Quadrathon in the morning (I did not place last...), a HOTT event that Bob ran (our side lost), and the DBA campaign "When Things Were Rotten -- 1380 in Western Europe" a five round tournament (I was 20th out of 22).
My overall record for the convention was 4W-2T and 12L.
Everyone I played with was fun and interesting, from a military analyst for the Australian military to a 10 yr old.  The group was very supportive and several people have encouraged me to go to Cold Wars in March.  (I wonder if it has anything to do with my W-L record?)

The events were well organized and fun to play.  The venue was terrific, plenty of room, nice, clean facility.  It's too bad this was the last year in Gettysburg for Fall-In.
The down side was poor organization on the convention side.  If you had not been to this convention before, you would not find things without wandering around and asking multiple staff members.  Basic information was missing from the booklet.  Events were listed without locations, and some locations were not on the maps.  I have seen worse run conventions, but I have also seen much better run ones also.

Here is a link to some of the pictures I took at the convention.

Fall-In 2009

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