Monday, October 26, 2009

Pro or Con convention

Saturday (Oct 24, 2009) I went to Pro or Con in Dearborn Michigan (  Pro or Con is a 1 1/2 day convention (Friday night and Saturday).  I went for Saturday afternoon to play in the DBA tournament that John Lawitzke was running.  I have played in 3 of John's tournaments and he was the person to teach me the "new" 2.2 rules.  As usual I took my Norman army (III/51) which I choose to play as West Frankish, because they are the same army with a lower aggression (2 vs. 3).  I hoped that this might help me get to defend for once.  So far I have been the attacker every time except 1.  In DBA the defender gets to set up the terrain on the board, which can be a significant advantage.  This was a three round tournament and I did get to defend once (yah!).  Which did NOT help.  I lost 2 and won 1, placing fifth out of six.  A bright spot is the single victory, because it was against John.  I do have to say that it was as much dice as it was tactics, but not all luck.  The 2 losses were to Numidians (II/40) and to Anglo Normans (IV/3). 
Lessons learned: The first one is a repeat, but I hope to get it through my thick skull:
1. Knights do not work against Elephants - EVER (there is no reason to engage an elephant if it can be avoided). 
2. Unsupported knights do not do well against supported knights. 
3.  Knights vs. supported spear is a dice off that ends spectacularly, one way or the other.

I continue to enjoy playing DBA and look forward to getting more armies painted for it.

The convention was well organized, in a great location, and from what I saw well attended with many games and several vendors (5-6?).  I even got some bargains on dice and books. 
I will definitely be going to the next one in March or April.  I may even run something there. 
I would recommend the convention to anyone local looking for a really nice small convention.

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