Monday, October 12, 2009

Norman Knights

Today marks a turning point on my work bench.  The 15 mm mounted Norman knights that have hoarded the work bench for too long are done with painting.  I based the last of them this morning.  A little green paint, some flocking and clear coat and these will be finished.

I started working on the 15mm Norman DBA army back in May.  Right after "Drums along the Maumee" convention. On June 16th I posted a list of projects for this year.  These are the last of the core troops for the Late Norman army.  This "finishes" the army for now.  (There are still 24 dismounted knights to paint but they will have to wait for a while.)  At this point I have run out of enthusiasm for 15 mm miniatures, so time for something completely different.
More info next post, maybe even pictures.

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