Saturday, January 12, 2013

The end of 2012 and beginning of 2013

So, 2012 is done and 2013 has begun.
At the beginning of 2012 I posted some things I wanted to get done in 2012.

Lets see how I fared.
DBA armies:
Steve painted an Early Bedouin army and Early Achaemenid Persian army for me. I did get the Early Bedouin army based and on the table, with mixed results.  The Persians are still waiting for bases.
The Viking and Saxon armies I ordered from DPS finally got the shields finished.  And the figures that had to be re-based are done.
For Copenhagen I did get 4 frigates completed, and 8 SOL started.
For the Swiss I finished 48 pike and based them for DBA.  That totals 20 stands of pike, so the BBDBA army is more than halfway complete.
For Sci-Fi I finished 62 Space Demons (Aliens), 40 troopers with 3 support weapons teams, and 3 vehicles.
Jim L. and I played a game of Tomorrows War to try the rules.  It went well.
Lasalle is still in the planning phase.  I have decided to do British, next is figuring out a basic army list and deciding on figures.
We are still working on organizing the house.  Too much stuff.  Enough said.

So, for the year I was able to get 3 armies added,  4 frigates done, over 150 15mm figures painted, and played something most weeks.

More from 2012:
DBA continues to be the most frequent game played.
Impetus is the next most played for me.
I continue to work on a Swiss army for Impetus.  The group has decided to do armies from the Italian Wars, which fits with my Swiss very well.  This has helped me develop an army list to build towards.
We have also decided to work on armies from the classical period, so I have chosen to do Seleucids.  Which makes sense since I have nothing painted for that army.  :-\
We are now playing SAGA.  28mm dark ages.  Great game, fun and interesting.  This is another system that I do not have much that would work, but, much to my surprise, Mike H. provided me with enough figures to build a large Norman warband (6pts).  A mighty gift.
With the advent of 4Ground terrain, I have assembled 4 of the pre-painted buildings, one fence set and a pre-painted wall set.  These are kits, all laser cut MDF, well laid out and with excellent details.  These are all 15mm European structures, mainly for WWII, which I am planning on using for sci-fi and Flames of War.
Another new system is Dropzone Commander.  I picked up a Shaltari starter army. (Space elves).  Dropzone Commander is designed for urban high tech fighting.  The company has published PDF buildings for players to print and assemble. I have assembled about a dozen of these.  I have discovered that I enjoy building cardstock models.  I plan on continuing to make terrain elements out of cardstock.
And another new game is X-Wing, a pre-painted miniature game.  And at $15 a ship, it is not cheap.
I did not get to any conventions in 2012.

Now for 2013 plans and goals:
DBA: Continue to play weekly.  (25 games)
Add 6 armies: I/60a Early Achaemenid Persian, II/19c Seleucids, I/1a Early Summarians, I/1c Late Summarians, III/69 Tuareg, II/53 Ancient British.  I have all of these on hand and 2 have been started.
SAGA:  Get the Norman Warband painted and play 4 games
Tomorrows War: Play 4 games.
Impetus: Finish the 500 pt. Swiss army for the Italian Wars. Begin the Seleucid army.  Play 4 games.
Dropzone Commander:  Finish the Shaltari starter army and play 4 games.
Copenhagen: Finish 22 ships.  Figure out a ruleset to use.
Go to one convention.
I would like to get at least 200 figure painted this year.
And, as always, I hope to update this blog more often.  ;-)

Good luck to everyone! May your dice be a close ally (except against me!).

Have a safe and happy new year!

Happy gaming!

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