Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sci fi Tank

Here is the third vehicle that I finished recently.  This is a Siler Heavy Tank from Khurasan.
I am planning two small opposing forces for use with Tomorrow's War. 30 figures and a vehicle or 2 on each side.  And this is the main tank for the first side.

This is a very large tank.  I will post a comparison soon.  You may notice that the miniature is shiny.  I used a "magic wash" to add shadows and bring out the details on this miniatures.  It has since been given 2 coats of Dullcoat to flatten it.  I have found that the magic wash gives vehicles really good shading very quickly.  I have been trying to develop a painting technique that allows me to get a good paint job in a short length of time. 
With the size of these vehicles, getting a smooth, consistent paint coverage is a challenge.  I decided that using a colored primer would be good idea.  I painted this with Army painter army green primer/base coat.  This has worked very well, but at ~$14 a can, it is hard to change colors for a few vehicles.  This has started me looking into airbrushes again.  And the cost of a good air brush and compressor is still in the $200-300 range, which is steep but not out of reach.  Some of the paint manufacturers are starting to make decent acrylic paint that is airbrush compatible.  So, if I am going to keep doing vehicles and terrain I think I will be acquiring an airbrush in the near future.

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