Saturday, March 3, 2012

Some of the current projects

Since the last posting several projects have come and gone across the painting table.
First is the ongoing saga of Swiss pike for DBA / Impetus.  For Impetus I need 12 stands of pike minimum.  I have been using 4 DBA elements to make up each stand.  That is a total of 192 figures.  I have 18 elements done, which is 72 figures.  Only 120 to go.  Once I get 24 DBA elements done, which is enough for BBDBA, I will start using fewer figures for the Impetus only stands.
Here is the most recent 8 elements finished:
Next is the begins of Sci-fi in 15mm.  With the purchase of Tomorrows War rules, I am hoping to run some skirmish games, both at the hobby shop and at conventions.
The first figures painted are some Space Demons from Khurasan Miniatures:

I have painted 37 figures so far with another 32 to go.
Next is troops to fight the S.D.'s.  These are 16 troops from Khurasan that include a K-9 team.
These are in process and should be done in the next couple of weeks.
Next is more things for the troops to fight.  Zombies!
Jim L. painted about 20 zombies from a box I got from Rebel Minis.  They have been based and clear coated.
Plans include more zombies and eventually some tabletop action.

Some ongoing maintenance required was to re-base a 6-Blade element for my Swiss DBA army.  I originally I based them on a 40x30mm.  The rules call for a 40x40mm, so I have re-based them.

Recently, the group I game with decided to do a "Swap Meet" for the 15mm figures we have all accumulated over the years.  I had purged most of my excess 15mm figs years ago so I brought cash.
One of the things I picked up was 4 Mounted troops to use as cataphracts.  I got these from Jeff who had nearly finished painting them.

Now for the "Big Rock" on my painting table.  Ships for fighting Copenhagen.  I finally put them all in the same box and then cleaned them up and mounted them for painting.  This is most of Parker's squadron, except for 2 frigates that are almost complete and a 64 gun SoL that is soaking to strip the paint.

The total ship count is 13, 8 unpainted, 2 in process, 1 having the paint striped and 2 only needing flags.

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