Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer activities

So, I have not posted at all this summer. Things have been very busy in the non-gaming part of life.
My wife and her sister moved to where I am, so I rented a 3 bedroom apartment.
I sold my house in Michigan.
I bought a house in Illinois.
We moved into the new house. (That makes me tired just typing it.)

So, we are settling into the new house.

And look what it came with! An old ping-pong table and a room to use it in.... :-O
Now what could I use that for? I don't play ping-pong. Its a large table, so a waste as a desk.
Hmm. I will have to think on that.

As for gaming, I have continued to play DBA at JFF aslmost every week. (Just For Fun). With the occasional game of Impetus on the weekends.

my talent for snatch defeat from the jaws of victory continues. I think I may start tracking this to see how bad it really is.

Plans for this fall consist of setting up the gaming room in the new house. :-D
getting back to some of the miniature projects that I am behind on. Playing as much DBA and Impetus as possible and maybe trying to go to Fall-In. We will see.
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