Saturday, April 23, 2011

The last quarter - 2010

This is a post I wrote in January and did not post, not sure why, so here it is:

So, What Have I been up to since the last post in September?
Well, shortly after that post I found a Warhammer 40K army for sale on eBay that I could not pass up.  I have been thinking about getting into 40K for a while.  One reason has been the number of players in the area.  More players, more chances to play.  My goal for gaming has been to play once a week, which has been very difficult to achieve.  With the addition of 40K to my "current games played" list I have been able to play at least 3 times a month.  Not quite once a week, but close.

Then I was able to get a DBA group started.  One of the historical players wanted to get into DBA, so we started meeting on Wednesdays to play DBA.  This has grown into 4 players regularly playing.  This has highlighted the fact that my Swiss army is still milling around waiting for paint.  After this started I have been able to play DBA once a week and 40K once every other week.

As for painting, I have been hard at work expanding the 40K army.  I now understand why 40K miniatures are called "plastic crack".  You always need one more box of something and it is expensive.  Games Workshop has figured out a good business model along with a decent game system that keeps people buying and playing.  And of course you add in eBay and it is very easy to end up with even more mini's waiting to be painted...
This does not mean that other projects have been ignored.  It just means that I have focused on 40K and only poked at the other stuff.
The ships for the 1812 battle have seen some progress, mainly with more of them being prepared for painting and some painting done.  The Swiss army has really not seen much work.  But I have been able to add a commander and a heavy support figure to the 40K army.

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